Dealing with acne scars: Things you need to know about treatments!

Acne scars can make you feel conscious and hamper your self-esteem. The good news is there are cosmetic treatments for acne scarring that really work. Before delving into these treatments, let’s understand what causes these scars in the first place. Pimples, whiteheads and blackheads that together count as acne are trigged by various factors, such as bacterial growth and excessive oil secretion.  The skin damage can be permanent for some people.

If you have had frequent bouts of acne over a period of time, you are likely to get scars. Other causes include genetics, picking/squeezing acne, and inflammatory acne. The pitted look is often because of follicular macular atrophy, while there are also other kinds of scars like hypertrophic scars. Let’s take a look at various acne scar treatments.

  1. Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The most common acne scar treatment is laser skin rejuvenation. It should be noted that it is almost impossible to get rid of old acne scars entirely, but with laser treatments can help. The procedure involves using a laser device, which is targeted on the acne scars. The laser triggers the production of collagen, which can heal the scarring. Most people need about three to six sessions of laser skin rejuvenation, and mild redness associated with the procedure should subside in no time. In addition, laser skin rejuvenation also treats mild wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Microneedling with PRP

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. The treatment is a mix of two different procedures. First, blood from the patient is taken and placed in a centrifuge to get PRP. The actual procedure starts with Microneedling, which is followed by PRP massage. Microneedling with PRP has helped many patients and is a good choice for certain cases.

  1. Topical creams and ointments

While there are many creams, chemical peels and ointments that promise to get rid of acne scars, the effects are not always as expected, and most chemical peels are insanely expensive. However, if you have mild scarring, or have been advised against laser treatment, this could be a solution.

Final word

Always take help from a known and reliable clinic for deciding on acne scar treatments. Your skin must be checked, necessary tests must be done if required, and only when a doctor is convinced that one of the treatments could be useful, they will make a recommendation. Don’t live with acne scars – Contact a clinic near you today to know more.