The 11 Types of Acne Classified Based on Causes

If you’ve been plagued with acne at some stage in your existence, you’re most likely obsessive about washing the face constantly – ensuring it’s clean to stay away the acne Ironically, those who are vulnerable to acne are really quite particular with cleanliness. They frequently wash their faces and ensuring themselves is clean. Using this method, they’re wishing the affliction will ultimately disappear.

The 11 Types of Acne

You will find really different types of acne The term is really a catch-all term for all sorts of acne You will find general types of acne which you may call cystic acne adult acne and so forth but to become really specific and also to classify acne based on its causes, the 11 courses are as follow:

1. Acne Cosmetic. This is actually the acne that’s cause by utilization of cosmetics. Using cosmetics alone doesn’t cause acne It’s really the type of cosmetics and also the prolonged utilization of cosmetics that irritates your skin. Your pores react negatively towards the ingredients and acne results.

2. Acne Conglobata. This is actually the kind of acne that’s largely brought on by through genes. In case your parents endured from very severe acne you’ll most likely suffer exactly the same. Oftentimes, this kind of acne leads to severe scarring around the area affected. The unfortunate factor relating to this acne is you can hardly do anything whatsoever about this.

3. Acne Detergents. This acne is because soaps, detergents and cleansers which irritate your skin.

4. Acne Excoriee. This is actually the kind of acne that is because skin picking which in turn spreads the germs on other areas of the body.

5. Acne Fulminans. This is actually the serious kind of acne that’s comes with by flu-like signs and symptoms once the lesions erupt. The affected person might also experience appetite loss, skin scaring and WBC count. Men appear to suffer more from this kind of acne.

6. Acne Keloidalis. It’s the African race that suffers much out of this acne The lesions and inflammations generally show up on the neck.

7. Acne Mallorca. This is actually the kind of acne that is because excessive exposure to the sun.

8. Acne Mechanica. The type of acne that is a result of skin irritation brought on by exposure of bare skin to numerous irritants like clothing fabrics and bag straps.

9. Acne Medicametosa. This is actually the kind of acne occurring as an unwanted effect to medications. You will find dental contraceptives that may cause acne too. Anti-psychotic medications and mood stabilizers may also cause acne.

10. Acne Neonatorium or baby acne This is because the unnecessary sebum secretion in youngsters. This is a result of the change in hormones in the mother towards the infant.

11. Acne Pomade. This is actually the type of acne that is a result of the skin’s irritation to hair products. The irritating ingredients, particularly oils, eventually irritate the brow causing acne to create.

Knowing which kind of acne you’ve will definitely assist in figuring out the therapy for this. In case your acne is because irritants like fabrics, hair gels and makeup, you are able to stay away from these products that create your acne Your personal doctor will help you determine the reason for your acne and seek medicine for this.