The Right Way for Stretch Mark Removal Singapore

The skin consists of lots of fibers and muscles. Collagen is a natural fiber that maintains skin elasticity and prevents the skin from loosening. Stretch marks occur when excess pressure is exerted on the skin. This is commonly seen in women who have undergone a delivery recently.


Pregnancy puts on lots of stress on the skin near and around the belly. Thus stretch marks are obvious. Apart from pregnancy, if someone is growing fat or thin suddenly, the same phenomenon can be noticed. For stretch mark removal, one can use various techniques. Applying creams and oils can be a common method. However, the effectiveness is not assured in these. The best technique for stretch mark removal Singapore is the surgical way. The next paragraph would discuss this in detail.

Safe Way

Grafting of the skin removes scars and stretch marks permanently. Although it might be costly, this method has a high success rate, and within a few weeks, your scars would vanish forever. Before taking any step, consult your doctor for opinions. In case there is something wrong, he would suggest to you. There are effective gels that work in the long run; you can use them for being on the safe side.